Spanish translation services

Offering Spanish Translation and Localization Services for the Latin American, North American and European Market

Overview of our Spanish Translation Services


PLG offers English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation and localization services for the North American, Latin American and European markets which include Mexico, South America, Spain and the United States. While we offer more than 40 languages, Spanish is our top language along with Chinese and French.

We specialize in Spanish label translation but also offer Spanish business cards, certificate translation services, typesetting services, software localization, website translation/localization and audio/video localization services for the Spanish language. Over the years, we have also done many technical translations of manuals and other technical documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

About the Spanish Language

According to the popular Spanish newspaper El País, the United States has become the largest Spanish-speaking population only after Mexico and is predicted to become the largest by 2050. Spanish also ranks above English as the most widely spoken language, second only to Mandarin Chinese, with over 400 million native speakers.

Whether you need a label or manual translated for your business or your birth certificate for immigration purposes, PLG has you covered.

Meet Your Spanish Translator



PLG exceeds High-Quality Standards in Translation

  • Our Spanish translators are fluent in both Spanish and English, work within a wide range of specialties and come from a diverse set of regions. You can count on us to deliver low-cost, accurate and culturally correct translations whether it may be for markets in the U.S., Latin America, Europe or elsewhere.
  • In addition to our high-quality translators, we have native Spanish-speaking staff that is able to provide immediate support to answer client questions in most cases.
  • We are an approved label translation service vendor for Walmart, Inc. and Michaels Stores, Inc., providing French and Spanish label translations for many products sold in their stores.
  • We have an in-house typesetting team. This allows for a quick turnaround, and prompt revisions when required.
  • We are proficient users of industry-leading translation memory software . This means lower costs, faster turnarounds and more consistency for your projects. Our database of Walmart label translations alone contains hundreds of thousands of translated words.