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Today is International Translation Day!

Dear Valued PLG Customer,

What a better day to launch PLG's newsletter again? International Translation Day is September 30th, a date established in 1953 to celebrate St Jerome, the patron saint of translators, by the International Federation of Translators. This year’s theme for the occasion is “Connecting Worlds.”

We at PLG connect you with your foreign-language market(s) and are proud to put our linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise at your disposal. Our approach to translation is dynamic; there is nothing automatic in it, however much proponents of machine translation would have it. Therefore, our newsletter aims to provide some context to our work, to present you with diverse facets of our knowledge and interests, fun language facts.

The PLG Team

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8 Reasons why you need to market your product in French


75% of the world’s population does not speak English. Successfully tapping into foreign-language markets means increased sales and improved profits. The most efficient way to accomplish that goal is to tailor your approach with translation of packaging, manuals, and promotional materials that not only is accurate, but also reflects your target market’s cultural specificities—what the translation industry calls localization. That’s PLG’s bread and butter, and we will develop that subject in future newsletters.

Our clients are well aware of the benefits of marketing their products in foreign languages. In the past few years, requests for French translation have come to represent 40% of our business, much of it destined to the francophone Canadian market right next door to us. Let’s take a quick look at some of the statistics available in the public domain showing why translating your product in French makes sense in a global world.

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Meet your French translator Philippe Willems, Ph.D.

  09.30.2016    Newsletter     Light Reading

Communication Breakdowns


Got a personal story about mistranslation you want to share? A funny mistake you made in a foreign culture? A professional translation project gone wrong? Send it to us and we will publish the best ones. In the meantime, here’s one from our in-house French-language expert...

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Client Spotlight

Bridge Morton in China


A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that China’s government is chipping away at the country’s millennia-old salt monopoly, scrapping controls on the price and distribution of edible salt. China’s expansive chemical industry and the dietary needs of its 1.4 billion people make it is the largest consumer of salt in the world. The country is also projected to be the fastest-growing salt importer and to remain the fastest-growing major national market as a result of the robust expansion of its economy.

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Meet your Chinese translator Eric Zhang, Ph.D.

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